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Keio Communication Review No.25 (2003.3)



The Influence of Historical Experiences on the Japanese Political Communication Reseach
 Yoichi ITO
Japanese Approaches to Development Communication
 Karin Gwinn WILKINS
Hard and Soft Mega-Media Conglomeration:
Has Sony's Stratedy Created Synergies?
 Yasuhiro INOUE
From Global to Glocal: How Gillette's Sensor Excel Accommodates to Japan
 Michael L. MAYNARD
The Continued Growth of Text Information:
From an Analysis of Information Flow Censuses Taken during the Past Twenty Years
Japanese Enryo-Sasshi Communication and the Psychology of Amae:
Reconsideration and Reconcepntualization
 Yoshitake MIIKE
Notes for Authors in Keio Communication Review
Editor|Minoru Sugaya Mail

Keio Communication Review